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Two New Offer Walls
Published on Feb 23rd, 2024 02:31 am

Two new offer walls, Revlum and UpWall, are on PayClix now. More offer walls mean more earnings for members.

Two New Updates
Published on Feb 22nd, 2024 06:29 am

A new feature, Traffic Exchange, and a new offer wall, PrimeWall, are now on PayClix. It is a good improvement for both advertisers and members.

PTC Bonus Ads' Expiration
Published on Dec 19th, 2023 05:35 am

From 1/1/2024, all of the PTC bonus ads will expire. If there is a PTC ad, you will earn unless there will be no earnings. So all of the members can use offer walls, which are profitable. PayClix, fundamentally, is a GPT website. Good luck.

Another New Offer Wall
Published on Nov 10th, 2023 09:44 am

AdWallGate is a global offer wall and works approximately everywhere. It is ready to earn. Good luck.

A New Offer Wall
Published on Oct 29th, 2023 06:02 am

A new offer wall, Skippy Ads, is ready to earn. I have prepared it for PayClix's members. Good luck.

New Offer Wall
Published on Oct 19th, 2023 09:51 am

A new offer wall, Monlix, is ready to earn. It is another way to increase your earnings.

Offer Walls Updates
Published on Oct 18th, 2023 05:26 am

Two new offer walls, Sushi Ads and Admantium, are ready to earn. Two more earning ways are available.

New Referral Banners
Published on Sep 30th, 2023 07:06 am

PayClix had one banner. Now, it has six new referral banners.

Template Issue
Published on Sep 25th, 2023 06:37 am

PayClix has a template issue. It is going to be changed soon.

Cheat Links
Published on Sep 04th, 2023 09:55 am

Be aware of cheat links. They can make your account suspended.

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